General Trustee Information

Management Committee of Lakshmi Naryana Trust consists of 16 Trustees. All the Trustees are unpaid volunteers and many of the current Trustees have been active participants in the temple activities since 1980s. Current Chairman was Registrar when the temple was consecrated during Feb 1990.

The objects of the Trust shall be (extracted from the constituition of the Lakshmi Narayana Trust)


i. To advance Hindu religion particularly by promoting religious and cultural activities.
ii. To establish, secure or build a temple to Sri Mahalakshmi and Sri Narayanar, strictly conforming to Hindu Temple architecture. (hereinafter called ‘The Temple’) and to maintain and manage the same (whether alone or co-operation with any local authority or other person or body) in furtherance of these objects.

HEALTH SERVICE (New Temple Project)

To relieve sickness particularly by provision of periodical screening service for people over the age of 40, in order to detect disease at an early stage especially against heart attack, high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus.


i. To build a cultural and educational centre
ii. To provide a library with usual and educational books and magazines.
iii. To provide education and other necessary assistance to people with language problems due to lack of English knowledge.
iv. To provide voluntary help to the elderly and people with special needs.
v. Teaching of Indian classical dance (Bharatha Nattiyam) and vocal and instrumental music.